Avant Loaders in Beekeeping

Avant Compact Articulated Loaders have been chosen by Apiarists the world over for their Beekeeping operations. Their incredible lifting capacity, unbelievable stability, even on rough ground and their ease of use makes the Avant Loader the best machine a Beekeeper can have.

What makes the Avant Mini Loader the best machine for Beekeepers:

  • Huge Lifting Capacity up to 1500kg
  • Rigid Articulation joint providing amazing stability, even on rough terrain
  • Articulation joint doesn’t mark sensitive surfaces unlike a skid steer loader
  • Telescopic Boom providing Extra Lifting Height and Outreach for loading and unloading from one side of a truck.
  • Incredibly Versatile, with a large range of attachments
  • Very Compact for operating in tight locations
  • Can be Parked sideways across a truck with the Pallet Forks still Attached to the machine

Get the AVANTage in Beekeeping! Download a brochure here.

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